Spoken Word Performance & Installation

Director: Latisha Horstink / Camera: Jan Köhler / Editing: Łukasz Gula

Weak knees
Heavy body

       I can’t feel my legs


Something born into me

Dutch stay silent about their colonies

Indonesians are loud,

But their hearts silent

Can’t confront, question, stand up

Without being brought to our knees


Aching voiced through groans, complaints

We’ve forgotten the most important thing
The one thing we must do
To fight we must


They stood,

resisted, revolutionized

We once stood up for our rights

once stood to voice our opinions

Our voice shattering shackles


We scream


But we still remained shackled

Shackled to rules we’ve formulated ourselves

But we are similar
We surrendered
We discriminate
We silence
Capture the voices
And use it to tie the noose
We’ve convinced ourselves that we’re weak
Does the march of our own feet remind us of their boots?
Afraid if we stand the print we leave will not be our own?


Expectations to be like the west

Our lack of identity

Wanna be the west

Can’t we realise that we can be Southeast


Spoken Word Performance & Installation

Walking on the tight line of White and Asian, I get to experience all the privileges of having less melanin and all the oppression from being Southeast Asian. Comfort is foreign to me, I’m ashamed of my dirty laundry, and it’s about time I take a long look into the Mirror.


Installation, Clay

by Four Brown Nipples, a collaboration of Latisha Horstink and Proud Devakula

‘Gender’ as the virtual, to trap something real, fluid, into a binary system, a social construct. With this Utopian ideal we hope to seek a change in the current system. Realise that it's not male or female, that things in between, things that don’t conform, abstract genders can be a part of you too. Unsatisfied with how your sexual organs represent you? Feel free to pick one, or more, or none.